Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pizza Night with Harold.

Tomorrow we head to Canada for a few days to visit some family. I'm looking forward to seeing people, but I'm definitely not looking forward to the lack of sleep that seems inevitable since Jack will be forced to sleep (or not sleep) in a pack-n-play. He hates it. And just when he's made the decision that he'd like to fall asleep on schedule with out much help. I truly believe that three days ago he woke up in the morning and decided from that point forward he would make nap/bedtime a smooth joy ride. The past few nights, after laying him in his crib, he's gone nuts - waving his arms and laughing and acting as if we just fed him straight sugar (which I'd take any day over crying). Last night, after doing this little routine, I left him to his own devices thinking I'd have to go back in to settle him down but the next thing I knew there was silence and he was fast asleep.

...switching gears....

I promised my mom that while she was out of town we'd make sure to have a night with my dad to keep him company. So he'll be coming over this evening for pizza (his choice... which is funny since my dad is kind of a health and fitness nut). I called him today to see if he had any preferences for pizza toppings... "Umm, you know the usual... tomato sauce and cheese..." I'm pretty sure without those two things it's just a giant piece of bread. But sure... we'll get you tomato sauce and cheese dad! My family is also a lover of pineapple on pizza which I've never fully embraced but we'll go with it for tonight.

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