Monday, January 31, 2011


A while back I posted a list of ways that I can be lazy. Today, two more lazy tendencies revealed themselves to me:

1) The little head at the bottom of my cell phone screen, which indicates that I have a voicemail, irritates me to no end. Meaning - I hate having to look at it. But not as much as I hate having to go to the hassle of pressing the buttons to retrieve that voicemail. Currently, that little head has been at the bottom of my screen for almost two days... and I'm still not ready to surrender my time and energy to removing it.

2) I hate the going to bed process. I dread it every night. Having to brush my teeth, take my contacts out and change into pj's is entirely too much effort in my books. And yet, I faithfully do it anyways.

I feel like I'm not the only one out there that hates both these things so I'll happily be the first to admit it. Is hate too strong a word? Ok, I strongly dislike. Speaking of brushing one's teeth, Jack now has two - TWO - pearly whites poking out of his lower gum. This means he's now the proud owner of a baby toothbrush and some baby toothpaste. Now I just need to be better about remembering he actually has teeth to brush. Here's a rabbit trail.... I remember being taught in school that George Washington had wooden teeth. I always accepted that as an "odd, but sure, why not.." kind of fact. I always pictured him having a full set of dentures like people have nowadays, except made of wood. But this begs the question of how those things stayed attached to his gums? Did he use glue? Was glue even invented back then?

These are the questions that trouble my mind....

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