Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Resolution Report.

January, thus far, has been a good month for accomplishing the things I set out to do. I received my guitar about a week and a half ago (I'll post a picture soon) and have strummed out a few chords quite nicely. I'm sticking with G and D for now, but feel hopeful that the more time I put into it, the better I'll get at positioning my fingers (reason would stand to agree with me....). The biggest challenge at the moment is that while my fingers are long and can stretch across the frets, they're not exactly nimble and I tend to have to "hand place" them on the strings for more difficult chords. I'm going to assume this gets better with time....

I've also learned the basics of knitting. And for all my apprehension about taking up this hobby, I actually really enjoy it! It's very therapeutic - much like coloring - since its the same repetitive motion and there's not a whole lot of thought involved once you get going. It's also much easier than anticipated. Who knows what sorts of hideous projects I'll create at first?! Tim thinks I'll end up making some sort of large "sleeve" for Jack that just slides over most of his body. A wool sack, if you will. Here are the fruits of my labor thus far:

The next thing I'd like to put into practice is taking time each day to be quiet; to have about a half hour's time each morning to pray and read and listen to God. I have a stack of good books I want to get into including this one and now this one. That's the beauty of working for a church - devotional time is always encouraged.

"... to seek God does not narrow one's life,
but brings it, rather, to the level of highest possible fulfillment."

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  1. highly recommend the second 'this one' - excellent!


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