Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ten Things.

Inspired by a recent post on my cousin's website, and in light of the jump start I've already gotten on my "year of accomplishment" I've decided to make a conclusive list of ten things I want to achieve this year. I've asked Tim to do the same.

Doing so brings to mind my past affinity for goal.set.achieve. and the adventure that mindset brought to my life. The biggest being my move to England five years ago. Truth be told, I haven't set any big goals since then. Call it what you will, whether lack of vision or the fact that since that time I met, married and had a baby with Tim (which was a dream come true in and of itself), I think it's high time I start dreaming big again.

Dreaming apart from God is unwise, so I want these goals to be pleasing to Him as well, knowing all the while that, from my point of view anyways, they will only be achieved with His help. I've given us until the end of this weekend to make up our individual lists. I haven't decided whether I'll share those lists on here; it will be dependent on how personal the goals turn out to be.

I'm already excited for December 31st, 2011 to see where the list has taken us. I'm hoping for twenty check marks next to twenty dreams!

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