Tuesday, October 30, 2012

i heart.

{So, I posted this earlier today and then I read another person's blog who was all "How can people be blogging about such trivial things as ____________ when people's lives are being devastated by Hurricane Sandy." Of course, her own post went on to document something pretty trivial. But fair enough, hand raised - I am posting about something super trivial in light of what's happening on the east coast. Even where we are tons of people are without power. And I am aware that this is going on, and I don't believe that any of what I'm about to talk about below has any sort of significance in the grand scheme of life and eternity. It's fluff. But it's fluff even if I had posted about it last week before the hurricane. And fluff is ok, so long as you don't hold tightly to it, knowing that "you can't take it with you." With that in mind... here is the original post...}

I'm not really into Pinterest - I mean, I think it's great. I think it's got amazing, beautiful ideas. But if ever there was a website that causes me to covet and feel like I should be crafting all the time, or that my house or wardrobe needs an (unnecessary) overhaul, it's Pinterest. So I avoid Pinterest, but I do love passing on ideas, or images, or music or products that I like. Here are some, currently:

The Digital Age Rehearsal tracks,
especially this, this, and this.

These two products from Sephora both on sale for $3, 
which if you know Sephora's prices, is pretty incredible. 
I have wanted coral nail polish/eye shadow for ages! 

Eating Creamy Pumpkin Oats 
with Blueberries and Toasted Almonds for breakfast.
(Go here for the recipe. I use maple syrup instead of brown sugar) 

Davine's No. 14  Sea Salt Hair Primer.
Magical stuff for giving hair texture and form.
Oh, and did I mention Justin "Great Hair" Bieber swears by it?

The Christmas red bundt cake pan 
I finally found at the Salvation Army so 
I can use it as an advent candle holder this year!
(I got the idea last year from this great post)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

And the Winner is.....

This color won by a landslide. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Best Day of the Year

 "It's just awesome. I just love that day." 

That's what Tim said after we got home from Nature Bin's Customer Appreciation Day. Nature's Bin is a small, independent grocery store around the corner from our house. They sell lots of organic, healthy food/products so they're a bit pricey but occasionally we shop there for specialty stuff. And on Customer Appreciation Day, they hand out a ton of free samples.

This is a day that we look forward to all year. Literally. We even write it on our calendar. It's all because of the free swag. And it's quality products - the kind of stuff we usually wouldn't buy because they're expensive. Sure the samples are in doll-size bottles, but again, free. Not to mention the fact that they have little bowls set up throughout the store of food products you can taste. Here's a visual of everything we picked up this year:

Ok, so looking at it now, not all that impressive. But when you write it out, it's pretty great, right?:

We got free samples of:

dishwashing liquid
kitchen utensils
burts bees lotion
nail files
energy drinks
dog treats (we left those)
chocolate covered peanuts
sesame sticks
protein bars
granola bars
energy snacks
vanilla chai green tea raisins
cooking utensils (!) 
laundry detergent

Ugh, this post is making feel really ridiculous for getting so excited about a bunch of tiny samples. It's like getting excited over the free shampoo/conditioner in hotels. Well anyways, we like it ok. 

We're a simple folk, what can I say.

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

I can't remember where I found this print (I saved it to my computer without taking note) but I love it.

Part of our nightly routine with Jack is to sing some songs before he falls asleep. He usually requests "Hallelujah" or "This Little Light of Mine" but a few nights ago I thought I'd add "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" to our repertoire. It's always had such a nice lilt to it, and for the first time I actually took note of the lyrics. Children's hymns (like Jesus Loves Me, for example) are always so simple and yet so profound. Singing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" was such a powerful reminder for me that He does.

And once I started replacing "the whole world" with the names of people Jack and I love, and those in need of prayer, and then more quietly to myself the personal struggles we face, it became even more personal and powerful in that moment. I was so comforted by the knowledge that the Lord has all these things in His hands. That He is looking after and tending to all people and things with much more care than I could ever give. He's got the whole world in His hands, and that includes you and me and all our pain and trials.

"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father's will. But the very hairs on your head are all numbered.  
Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows"
Matthew 10:29-31

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stay the Course or Take a HUGE Risk?

The title of this post makes it sound like I'm about to expound on a serious life issue in need of direction and wisdom. Like moving to a new country. Or taking on a new career. Or .....

False. This post is completely the opposite and is all about what color I should dye my hair, if at all. It should really be titled "The Story of My Hair" but I didn't know if anyone would want to read that. So instead I tricked you. Here's the deal: My friend Ellie gave me a little card about a year ago for $20 off any service at this nice salon she goes to. Being that we're poor and Tim's aunt cuts my hair for free, I held off using it because nothing's cheaper than a free hair cut.

But lately my hair has been wanting. I used to be able to go to bed with it wet and in the morning I'd wake up with perfect, beautiful waves (I know, so amazing). Here's an example from when Tim and I first started dating when my hair was in it's prime - great color, great shape, great volume:

It stayed like this until I decided to grow my bangs out for our wedding so that it would be easier to style. I'm pretty sure that's where things started to go downhill. Of course, day of it looked gorg. But as soon as the wedding was over, my hair totally went on strike (see below):

So what do you do when your hair goes on strike? 
And on your honeymoon, nonetheless? 
Wear lots of hats.

But that got old pretty fast. Not to mention "hat hair." So I did something drastic - I cut my hair and brought back the bangs. But just like when you microwave a day old piece of pizza, it just didn't turn out the same. Don't let this "good hair" image mislead you - I'd cut my bangs crooked and way too short. As you can see, Tim also got a hair cut (understatement).

The photo above marks the beginning of the end of a good relationship with my hair. About five months later, I got pregnant with Jack and decided to stop coloring it (for "safety" reasons). This is what it looked like for the majority of my pregnancy (photo on left) and then about four months after giving birth (photo on the right). As you can see, this is my natural hair color:

Now most people see my natural color and they implore me not to change it because "People pay good money to try and dye their hair your color." Well, I don't know what to say except it doesn't give me any thrills. It always looks kind of blah to me. Oh, and don't forget I've now had two babies - and those pregnancy hormones are not kind to a woman's hair. They take the life out of it.

So here we are, present day, and I finally decide to use that $20 coupon because every now and then a girl and her hair need a trip to the salon (and since I got a dry cut they only charged me $20 which meant it was free, aside from the $4 tip!). My hairstylist, Emily, seemed to relate to my hair woes (apparently we have the same hair type) and also did a great job of up-selling me to come back this Thursday to get my hair colored. Ok, so maybe I made it a little too easy by talking about how much I loved her hair color (vibrant copper) and how bored I was with mine. The dilemma is - which way do I go? Originally, I was just going to go back to old faithful - chestnut brown. It's tried and true, I know I like it. But then there's the adventurous side of me that wants to do the complete opposite and go that great copper route. Maybe not all over copper - I think that might be a little too adventurous. Not to mention, if I pay salon prices to dye it and then I hate it, I'll kick myself. So maybe just copper highlights? Let's look at some pictures to aid in this decision:

My current hair color:

What it looks like dark brown:

Variations of copper:

The hair color on the left - extreme. Beautiful on this girl, but probably won't translate well on me. At least, I'm not confident. I love the color, but I think I'd end up looking like Ronald McDonald. The hair color in the middle is pretty similar to what my hairstylists was. Again, this would be a pretty extreme color for me to jump to - but maybe just get highlights of this color? The hair on the right is actually my favorite - it's soft and warm and I love that she has brown low lights on the bottom. However if I copied this it would probably be expensive (I'd be using two different colors) plus it might not be enough of a change that you'd really notice a difference (not worth the money). As you can see, this is such a serious, serious thing for me to consider!

Actually, it's so not. And despite the length of this post, I actually don't spend too much mental energy trying to decide what to do with my hair. However, my appointment is this Thursday, and since I'm going to a wedding on Friday I really don't want to mess this up.

So now is your opportunity weigh in and give me your votes on what you think I should do!
Since first posting this, Tim has said this was the color he had in mind. Thoughts?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our Dream House

There was a time when I said I would never buy a house. I love to travel and renting just always seemed to lend itself better to getting up and going, whereas a mortgage tied you down.

And then I had kids. And those kids were boys. And boys need the outdoors. The city we live in doesn't offer much to renters in the way of outdoor space - and we have almost nothing. Our backyard is a postage stamp of weeds and dirt and spider-filled ivy.  There's also an old box of spices (?) that someone left back there and some rotting wood palettes. Not exactly the ideal - unless your a little boy and then it sounds great. But as a mother, no.

All that to say, I dream of the day I can send the boys outside into a safe, fenced in backyard where they can play for hours in the fresh air. I mean, don't get me wrong - we love our current apartment and are so grateful for it and our landlord (my brother-in-law!) but I think like most families, we now see the benefit of being home owners (as well as the expense, womp womp). Oh, and we're also mega House Hunters fans, so we've been plotting our appearance on the show with our "must haves" list at the ready which, I might add, does not include a kitchen with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances or double sinks in the bathroom. In fact, we wrote down a list of what we'd look for after watching a House Hunters marathon. It'll be years (years) before we'll be able to even consider buying a home, but here's what we came up with:

We're definitely Craftsman style home kind of people. 
Here's an example of what we like when it comes to curb appeal:

We love smaller homes with big porches and lots of unique detail. Nothing over the top, but something that looks and feels classic but homey. I love when exteriors incorporate natural elements like stone and wood. And I do love a house with a red front door. In short form, here's what else we would look for:

Must haves:

Good neighborhood (location, location location!)
Lots of character
3-4 bedrooms
1.5-2 bathrooms
Nice backyard (with fence, or possibility of fence)
Lots of storage
Garage (preferably attached)
Central air + newer furnace
Newer roof
Decent counter/cupboard space in kitchen
Fairly move in ready (no major renovations needed)

Nice to haves:

En suite bathroom in master (with large tub! I love spa tubs)
Close to park or water
Laundry room
Space for playroom
Wood burning fireplace
Larger family space
Eat-in kitchen
Hardwood floors 
Newer appliances
Attractive landscaping

Don't want:

Wood paneling
Fixer upper
Hideous carpet
Wasted space (i.e. formal sitting room)
Massive backyard (too much work!)
Ugly flooring or counter tops
On busy street

I feel like we're pretty down to earth when it comes to what we look for - we're not super picky. But then again, I really do base decisions on the "feel" of something, so maybe we would turn out to be really annoying House Hunters. You know, the ones on the show whose real estate agent looks into the camera and says "I've shown them over 50 homes. They just aren't being realistic about what's available in their price range." In any case, I can't wait to meet our first house - a long time from now!

What about you? What do you look for in a home?
If you already own a home, what's your favorite feature(s)?

Friday, October 19, 2012

New Illustration : Pea in a Pod

My friend Jennine asked me to draw a picture for her friend's baby shower. Ok!

Do you have a baby shower coming up?
Buy this print and personalize it for only $10!

Also! Visit my friend Cherish's new blog. She let me design the header for her :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Resolutions in Review

Back in January, I made a list of resolutions I wanted to achieve in 2012. With just under three months left in the year, it's time to see if I'm going to reach my goals by December 31.

The Goals:

{1} Intentionally build into someone else's life (outside of family) on a practical as well as spiritual level  - i.e. invest time, thought and care into the relationship through communication and acts of kindness.
{2} Get back in shape after having baby (i.e. dust off the elliptical).
{3} Read one book of the Bible I have never read in completion.
{4} Make time for creative projects (photography, drawing, painting... something
at least once a month, if not more.
{5} Continue to work towards having "nothing in my house that I do not know to be useful, 
or believe to be beautiful" (as inspired by this).

The Progress:

{1} In May we began attending a new church and ever since, this goal has become almost effortless (though still intentional).  The dear friends we have found there already feel like family. Our journey to this place of joy has been a long one, and I can't wait to expound on it at the end of the year when I do a full report on my resolutions. I will say that I feel as though I'm glimpsing what the early church experienced in Acts 2:42 and I couldn't be more thankful!

{2} I don't want to focus too much on this one because no one needs to hear another woman worrying over body image. Not to mention it's something I've struggled with for years and not always dealt with in the healthiest ways. But for the first time in a long time, I did manage to reach my goal (by switching to a plant based diet) without even really making it my goal. I pursued the vegan diet purely for health & wellness reasons and the weight loss was simply a by product.  Anyways, I still need to stay on exercising regularly and drinking water (which I'm terrible at) but for the first time in a long time, I can honestly say that I am comfortable with the skin I'm in.

{3} Um - this is my biggest struggle. To be in the Word on a regular basis without it feeling like a "duty" is a challenge. I have yet to read an  unread book of the Bible in completion, however I did join the local BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) chapter and have found it immensely helpful in keeping me in the Word. The key is for me to be in it every day, even for just 5 minutes. I need to recommit myself to this. TODAY.

{4} I am totally rocking this one guys. And just like 1 & 2, it's happening naturally alongside my life without really needing a whole lot of mental energy. I have had a number of commissioned art projects - one of which is due Saturday! - and have been on a photo shoot craze the past several weeks (it is autumn, after all). Here are some pictures I took today:

{5} Well, we all know I failed to do this for every day in the month of October. But I have done my best to keep things minimalist and I'm quick to purge and donate. I've also added some things to my home, but always with much thought and intention. So far so good. 

Alright, enough about me and my goals. The Presidential debate is on. And even though I'm not a citizen (proud Canadian, folks) I still want to watch this showdown. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Body Pillow

Here's a quick tip for anyone out there with a baby whose either learning to sit up on his or her own, or still has the occasional tendency to tip over (like Moses) : invest in a body pillow!

I know the Boppy is another "sitting aid" but I never found it all that helpful - there wasn't enough all around support to keep the baby from falling backwards. The body pillow, on the other hand, offers high support on all sides if you shape it in a sort of semi-circle around the baby. The length also provides protection for a foot or two either side. While the pillow won't necessarily prevent the baby from tipping over, so long as they tip to the side or backwards they'll hit a soft pillow instead of the floor. Here, allow Moses to demonstrate:

We keep it propped in our papasan chair and it also is a great neck/back support for sitting in there. 

I bought mine for an entirely different purpose (floor seating for when friend's are over) but I love that it now serves three purposes (I've also heard its a good side-sleeping aid for when you're pregnant). Considering it only cost me $16 ($10 for the pillow, $6 for the cover) I'd say it was well worth the money. And that makes me and Mose happy.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Back to the Barber.

Remember this?
Ok, read on.

Barber shops have such a timeless appeal. For me, they've always held a certain level of intrigue as up until recently I'm not sure I ever stepped foot in one. And for good reason, since I'm pretty sure barber shops are for men. I mean, I don't go into barber shops for the same reason I don't go into men's restrooms.

But now that I have two boys, one with hair that needs some direction, I've found myself frequenting the barber shop around the corner from my parent's house. It's not exactly your classic barber shop with lots of classic, vintage decor - it's more of a...well, around the corner place, if you know what I mean. My mom was the first to initiate us taking Jack there. I think most mom's take their kids to the fun hair cut places, where they sit in something shaped like a car or a dinosaur and there's lots of cooing and high-pitched talking to keep the kids from crying and then at the end there's a treasure chest full of prizes.  Um, I guess I'm not one of those moms - Jack graduated straight to sitting with the adults. At least they offer him a sucker at the end. Oh, except I don't let him eat it because it's the Dum Dum brand that are total choking hazards for a two year old. So instead he just picks one, and then holds it for a few minutes, and then I distract him and give him bunny grahams at home instead. Sorry Jack, you'll thank me later (probably not).

If you're curious about how this whole barber shop adventure goes, you can read about it here. So far, it's the same every time. Children are creatures of habit and routine, and Jack is one of those creatures. Here are some pictures from our latest visit:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Snacks are Good for Me.

snack |snak|
a small amount of food eaten between meals.
• a light meal that is eaten in a hurry or in a casual manner.

verb [ intrans. ]
eat a snack : she likes to snack on yogurt.

Um, Webster's dictionary does a poor, poor job of describing the wonder that is "the snack." And yogurt? That's the best snack they could think of? What about pistachios, or crackers... or better yet cheese and crackers? How dare they for diminishing the snack to something to just get you through to the next meal. Don't they know that meals are the segues to more snacks and not the other way around?

I am so very much all.about.the.snack. I often get more excited about snacks then I do about meals *if you couldn't already tell. When you go on a car trip, what's the most exciting part? The soundtrack you make and the snacks you pack. What's the best part of your lunch? The snacks (also known as "sides")  I mean, ok, sometimes the sandwich and the chips are equal when its something like a turkey club. But chips always bring a certain fevered anticipation to the meal. Few people crack into them right away - usually you take those first polite, obligatory bites of sandwich as a nod to proper etiquette. But we all know that everyone is just anticipating the chips.

Snacks are also best eaten on the car ride home from buying them. I do this all the time. Tim had never even considered doing this before we got married. He still thinks it's weird that as soon as we get in the car I get the crackers out and start eating them. My mom used to let us eat in the snack in the store while she was still shopping (and then paid for it at the check out of course) so I hardly think having it on the car ride home is unreasonable. I mean, why wait?!

But I digress. The point of this post is to tell you all about the Top 5 picks in my current snack bank and why they deserve to be there. FYI: you'll want to take notes because not only are these snacks delish, they're pretty healthy (comparatively).

 Here's The Lineup:
1. Way Better Snacks Simply So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips : I had these for the first time just the other day at my sister's house. I almost ate the whole bag. And I typically don't even like chili flavored things. Whenever Tim puts some sort of spicy snack in the shopping cart I usually make him trade it (sorry Tim). I don't know what it is about these chips, but they have just the right amount of heat, sweet and savory. And Way Better Snacks use simple, nutritious, sprouted ingredients. You can read about why using sprouted ingredients is so good for you here. Or you can just take my word for it :)

2. GoodGreens "Chocolate" Bars : Also introduced to me by my sister. I know the name"GoodGreens" doesn't bolster much confidence in the taste department. But these are seriously good for when you have a chocolate bar craving but don't want the calories. Not only does one bar provide 100% of your daily fruits and vegetables (I still find this hard to believe), they are packed with tons of other good things: see here. Oh, and Tim loves them. And Tim is not always as gung-ho about healthier options as I am. Let's just say, if Tim likes them, you probably will. FYI - my favorite flavor is Chocolate Coconut.

3. Trader Joe's Kosher Dill Pickles : Growing up, the pickle plate was a staple at the big family dinners we'd have at my grandparents. It was always set out before the meal and by the time we sat down to eat the pickle plate would be empty. My uncle once ate so many pickles the lining of his stomach started to erode - or so the legend goes. I come from a long line of pickle lovers. And not all pickles are created equal. In Canada, we always eat Bicks. For a while, I switched from dills to Claussens. Now I'm a faithful consumer of Trader Joe's Kosher Dills. With pickles, it's all about the crunch. No one likes a rubbery pickle. TJ's delivers on the crunch + taste factors, although every now and then the pickles on the very top are duds. For the most part though, they are the cream of the crop. And their the smaller size pickles, which are better for snacking. Perfect.

4. LUNA "Granola" Bars : When Tim was experimenting with making these, he kept referring to them as LUNA. LUNA bars are marketed as "The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women" that are "created by women, for women." So at first, before he realized his error, I was having a laugh over the fact that my manly husband was a vocal enthusiast of such a girl power product. And for the record, I still feel that creating a food "by women for women" seems a bit unnecessary. Is there really such a gaping hole in the market that a group of women needed to get together to create a nutrition bar with key "feminine-specific" ingredients such as.....? Anyways, these are awesome. They are delicious. They are more than a granola bar. They are an amazing, on-the-go snack. And they aren't just for women. My favorite flavor is Peanut Honey Pretzel.

5. Air popped Popcorn : This is pretty basic. Much like the dinner table, people just like to gather round the popcorn bowl. It brings communities together. Promotes world peace. What's not to love? We always ate air popped popcorn growing up. There was something so fun about watching the popcorn spill out of the machine into the bowl while my mom poured hot butter and salt on top. So good. Sure, microwave popcorn can be good in a pinch. But air popped is cheaper and way better for you (depending on how much butter you use...) Being a veganite means we use soy butter, but it tastes the same and looks the same and so...win win. Unlike the other four, this actually isn't a snack I eat "whenever." I think, like  most popcorn fans, I prefer to eat it with someone, in a giant bowl, while watching t.v. or a movie. This snack is also a family favorite - except for Moses who would probably choke on a popcorn hull.

Well that's it for me.
What about you?
What are your favorite snacks?
Hint: It's time to comment guys - 
Don't leave me hanging!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ok, I'm just going to say it...

Guys, I really love to hear from you. I don't keep this blog for attention or to gain popularity on the web - if I did, I'd be pretty disappointed! I also don't write posts in order that someone might comment. That said, the blog does serve or rather can serve as a conversation between you and I. And no one likes a one way conversation.

There are a faithful few who do let me know they're listening and engaged - thank you for that! Please continue. It is such affirmation that you are receiving a little joy or insight from what I have to say. And for those of you who don't comment - please, please do.

Seriously, keep the conversation alive! Here's my sentiments exactly on blogging and comments as expressed by one of my favorite bloggers, Jami Nato:

"In the mundane and details are where we live. It's our address. I don't care who's reading and who's not and what will garner more followers and comments. This blog's main purpose is to document our life and tell people what God has done. Your blog is not about popularity and the approval of men. That should not be your goal, nor should it be the rudder in your blogging endeavor. Your guiding questions should not look like, what do my readers want to hear? what do people like to read? what will get me higher stats? what will get me more notoriety? Although comments are not why we blog, they mean a lot. We can use our words to lift others up, instead of just reading "from the shadows" and never saying...hey, i actually read what you took time to write about. i care."

So please, don't be shy. Interact with this blog by sharing your own stories or how you relate or how you don't relate. Or how you agree with me or how you disagree with me. Whatever it is you want to say, please say it! Don't be a party pooper and read "from the shadows."

Ok, no pressure. 
Except seriously, please comment.
On this post.
On the next post.
(thank you!)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yeah, about that...

Day 6 of 31 Days of William Morris:
I fail miserably.

Guys, it was just a bad week to commit to an attention-to-detail kind of project. As I mentioned earlier this week, my dad had quadruple bypass surgery and that, among a few other pressing things, just took up all my time and mental energy. So I'm going to bow out now because I know with how busy our schedule is this month, it's just not practical for me to try and complete projects + blog about them in such a short time span. I'll continue to work on them as I find the time and then post if I feel they're worthy of highlighting; i.e. probably not the before/after of my sock drawer.

As a consolation post, I'll tell you about the time we took Jack to the historical village:

First, we stopped by the craft tables so Jack could make a buckeye necklace (as seen in pictures below) and I could make a turkey door hanger thingy AND a pine cone door hanger with a bell. I mean, free holiday decor. I'll take it. Even if it's for the kids. Then Jack spotted the animals and wanted to pet them.

 Then he wanted to make some good old fashioned rope. Tim helped. The sun hurt his eyes, I guess.

They tested its strength to make sure these people pretending to be from olden days knew what they were doing. Apparently they did.

We stopped for photo ops along the way with Aunt Katie and Grandma. Whenever possible, Jack took the opportunity to poke Moses. Or, in the picture with Tim, look like he was having the worst time ever (false: he was not). 

In the case of this family photo (our one and only...seriously. For a number of reasons, including - mostly - I don't photograph well) Jack chose to cut the shenanigans and without any prompting, carefully place his hand on Moses' shoulder. It's as if he somehow knew it's "what you do" for a family portrait. Moses, with this same uncanny sense of etiquette, turned and smiled at exactly the right moment.  I think they conferred privately beforehand knowing it was now or never - if not for this one picture, there may never be photographic evidence we belonged together.

After this, we stopped by the schoolhouse and sat the boys in the little desks which, much like the Sorting Hat at Hogwarts, seemed to determine their futures as students: Jack - fun, intelligent, a little mischievous. Moses - happy, good listener, teacher's pet.

We closed the afternoon with some apple cider and popcorn while listening to a brass quartet play. Jack ate almost an entire bag of popcorn himself and then led my mother-in-law very purposely by the hand back towards the popcorn machine where I was sure he was going to ask for more. Instead, he walked straight to the garbage can, dropped in his empty bag and headed back to our table without another word. As a staunch anti-litterbug, it was a proud moment.

For the price of 50 cent refreshments + that $1 raffle ticket for a hand-made quilt (we did not win), we had one of those priceless afternoons they tell you about in Mastercard ads. Except better.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fast 5 Minute Project

So maybe it wasn't a great idea to start a project like this  the same day my dad goes in for quadruple bypass surgery.... (he's doing great, by the way).

I was at the hospital yesterday from 5:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and was only going on four hours sleep. Needless to say, I didn't get around to accomplishing any projects. So far today has also been mostly spent at the hospital and the kids are on opposite nap schedules which means, yet again, my time is limited. However, I did manage to get one really simple, easy, fast (re: uninteresting) project out of the way: tidying up the coat rack.

It's amazing how unsightly it can become when I try to cram too many coats/hats/scarves/bags on it at a time. The reality is, the only thing necessary on this rack is the coats/hats we wear daily and our super ugly but-can't-be-bothered-to-pretend-it-doesn't-always-hang-there t.v. antenna (note the black cord.)

That's all I got done today. 
But something is better than nothing.
Sorry folks, I promise to bump up the exciting factor a little for tomorrow.

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