Sunday, August 8, 2010


So Project 365 (formerly known as Picture a Day) came to a screeching halt for 24 hours when I realized that the camera I was using was to set to store pictures in a small, web attachment size. This was no good. Should I ever (and I'm sure I will) want to make prints of even one of the 365 I take, they'll be too small to be any good. SO I was pretty deflated and almost threw the project out the window. But then Tim reminded me to be thankful that I found out now - after only two pictures had been taken - rather than fifty pictures from now. And luckily Tomatoes can be easily recreated once the sun hits my window ledge just right.

I went to an allergist the other day in search of answers for my crazy itchy skin and found out that I'm allergic to every grass known to man and especially a grass called.... Timothy. No joke. Apparently I also had a reaction to peanuts and halibut. I'm fine without the fish but can I really give up peanut butter on toast?

And it's that time of year again - Fantasy Football Leagues are a-flourishing. I couldn't give a hoot about any of it, but somehow I got put in the league even after graciously declining the invitation. So I'm making my picks with the help of Tim in between typing. I don't know a thing about football and if I think its far more fun to choose players based on their name or their picture - but there's a small part of me that doesn't want to go totally down in flames, so I tend to go with skill over flair. And that's all the football talk you'll hear from me for a while.

It's turning into a beautiful Sunday evening and I'm beginning to wonder if I took Picture No. 2 too soon:

No. 2 - Sunday Afternoon

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  1. bummer about your pics but glad you found out now! Joe is all about his football he used to do fantasy football I am not sure if he is doing it this year. This is my football knowledge...I <3 the Broncos always will, I am now a fan of the Browns (I was told this when I married Joe), I picked the Broncos because they have a white horse that runs accross the sidelines during the game and because they are a CO team. That is about it :) LOL with that I hope you kick Fantasy booty chica!


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