Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Story of Us.

I changed the title of this blog from T&L@home to The Story of Us simply because on some pages the link name looks like "TampLampamphome" which is odd and confusing and just... wrong. In any case, there's a "J" added to the equation now!

Today is a busy day filled with birthday parties, family visits and a Browns game. Tim took Jack to his little brother's baseball game for a little bit which means I'm home alone, basking in the glory of being able to get some things done without interruption. Of course, its so much easier to just sit here, relax and relish in the peacefulness instead of being productive.

Songs for a lazy Saturday Afternoon:
By Your Side - Sade
Throw Me a Rope - KT Tunstall
Falling Slowly - Once Soundtrack

(Yesterday's picture was a cinch compared to the day before! I didn't even have to go in search of it... I was in a hurry to get it done before dinner, and this butterfly gave me a break when he (or she) flew by.)

No. 14 - Monarch

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