Thursday, August 19, 2010

Myers/Kerney Night

It's become a tradition - or was a tradition - for us to spend our Thursday evenings after band practice with our very near and dear friends, the Kerneys. Back in our hay day-sans child we would visit into the late late hours playing euchre (much to my chagrin at first) and eating delicious food that Rebekah had graciously cooked for us as we laughed and chatted it up. This would all happen amidst my ongoing feud with their disagreeable cat Miles - whom Rebekah still insists is a nice cat. This would mostly play itself out with a sarcastic remark thrown his way or a stink eye glare - all of which he took no notice of, much to my annoyance. And so each Thursday night would go until about two months ago when a certain someone entered the world and life for the Kerneys became rather busy as well.

Tonight, however, officially marks the rebirth of Myers/Kerney night. May it live on for many years to come - bad-tempered cat and all.

No. 12 - Specs

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