Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ask ChaCha.

Two days until the new Ray Lamontagne album is released! I can't wait. I'm listening to it stream on NPR right now as I lay in bed with a tired baby and husband dozing beside me.

Jack got his shots Saturday and we both cried. My protective instincts kicked in as soon as it was "time" and that huge needle headed for his chubby little leg. We both survived quite alright and Jack arrived home with a big band-aid on either thigh and a bottle of children's tylenol to tide him over.

Tonight I had one of my "I need to know" moments when I began pondering how a yarmulke (ya-ma-ka) stays on a man's head if he has short or shaved hair or is bald. I posed it to the group we were with who suggested double sided tape and said I should "Ask ChaCha" to find out for sure. Ask ChaCha, I discovered, is basically a text-in-your-question version of Wikipedia where your query gets catapulted out to the masses for review and response. So what was the answer to my question? "Some use double sided tape. Some use velcro. Some have their yarmulkes fitted to their head before they get one." Of course, this begs the question of where does one go for a yarmulke fitting? Answer me that, ChaCha.

Here's today's picture - if you want to see No. 7 & 8 visit my flickr page here.

No. 9 - Globe

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