Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lost & Found.

On our wedding day, Tim gave me a necklace made from a bronzed 18th century wax stamp. The stamp is of a rose bush with the words Thy Sweetness Is My Life inscribed around it. He drove a good hour outside of town to get it and a few months after getting married he got the inscription tattooed on his arm. Let's just say the necklace was pretty...irreplaceable. So losing it would not be recommended. Well for almost exactly a month - it was lost. I won't go into a detailed account of all the places I looked for it - multiple times - but it felt like I'd searched everywhere and had almost given up hope. Yesterday I finally uncovered it (in our bedroom, as my hunch had hinted at all along) and the relief and joy was magnificent! Thanks to all who were praying for me to find it - and thanks most of all to God, the Father for restoring something so precious to me.

Today is another sleepy day. Though I've had in mind to use up the peaches in the fridge and make a Peach Cobbler of some sort. Can you make a Cobbler with month old peaches? Well, we'll find out 50 minutes from now according to the recipe. Thank you Andrea for the butter, rolled oats and one egg you contributed to this dessert - Tim & Jack are on their way to collect said ingredients as I type this. Alright, gotta go slice some shriveled peaches. Will share results in next post!

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