Friday, August 13, 2010


Today started off pretty uneventfully. I'm up and ready to go to Jack's doctor's appoint - out the door, car seat clicked in place, diaper bag in front seat and running somewhat ahead of schedule for the first time. I close his unlocked door and then I remember hearing a story on the news recently about someone being mugged when a guy jumped in the back seat of his car at a stop light. So I think, "Hmmm, I'd better be on the safe side and lock the doors." This would have been a great idea had my car keys not been sitting next to the diaper bag on the seat with the car door I had just locked.

Ready, set, freak out! At first I thought about breaking a window, but not wanting to jump to drastic measures I called my sister so she could let me in the house to get my spare car key. Perfect! Except when I realized that my spare key was sitting in Tim's car half an hour away at work. That's when I really started to panic. Praise God that my black (black!!) car was parked in the shade and the temp outside was bearable. At this point Jack had calmed down and resolved himself to the fact that no one was going to comfort or help him so he just sat there looked dejected. Plan B was to call the police who were unsuccessful in opening the door with their little tool. Thankfully, Tim had the wherewithal to leave work even though I said the police were coming to make sure everything was ok - and with him bear the key of freedom.

Jack has fully recovered and is now fast asleep in his swing. Hopefully this won't become some deep-seeded scar in his psyche that manifests itself later in life as a fear of car interiors. He did get out of getting his shots today - so maybe he'll thank me later? Regardless, the incident made me feel like "Worst Mother of the Year." Today totally fulfills August 5th's prophetic entry.

Yesterday's picture is strangely fitting for today's entry. How ironic.

No. 6 - Car Show

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  1. my mom accidentally left me in the car when I was a kid because we were with another family and she thought one of the other people got me then they realized that I wasn't around a little while later. I don't even remember the experience at all and my mom is one of my best friends so no worries. Out of the whole ordeal she was the only one scared for life so this little episode will only leave you with the nightmares :)


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