Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Road Kielbasa.

Yesterday I spent some time with one of my favorite people ever {Emily}. I will cry, cry, cry eight days from now when she leaves for a whole new adventure in Redding, California. But in the meantime I plan to make the most of the time we have left. This included yesterday which entailed some baked bean eating, some Target shopping and a some chit chatting. At the end of my visit, I was invited to eat some kielbasa her dad had made for dinner. It did look delicious so I decided to eat half and bring the other half home in a baggie for Tim. Boy was it good. I think Tim would have enjoyed it to, had I not set it on top of the car as I was getting Jack buckled in and forgotten about it. So if you saw a chunk of kielbasa in a plastic baggie on the road - that was mine. Maybe you even stopped to pick it up. Maybe you even ate it. If you did, I hope it was still good.

Which reminds me - I'm not really sure how my Peach Cobbler tasted because I never ended up trying it. I donated it to my sister's dinner table and saved a smidge for Tim who poured cream on it and ate it all before I could ask for a bite. I think "it was good" was the general consensus from those who indulged. I'm pretty pleased with my efforts considering they were a first attempt, not to mention the issue of the shriveled peaches.

No. 18 - Tea


  1. hahaha loved it!!! and i will miss you ssooooo much!!!

  2. Hilarious - I love the part of forgetting the kielbasa on the roof of the car!


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